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POL Scientific, LLC is an open access publisher specializing in the publication of basic research and medical journals covering a diverse spectrum of life sciences and medicine for the benefit of humanity. Our leading journals include: 1) Journal of Biological Methods (ISSN: 2326-9901), committed to publish innovative biological protocols and techniques; 2) Bladder (ISSN: 2327-2120), a medical journal dedicated to publishing research on bladder biology and disease. We are committed to support the scientific community by publishing impactful research and enhancing communication among scientists. At POL Scientific, we are continuously looking for ways to accelerate scientific progress and to strive for transparency and open communication, making knowledge freely accessible without barrier.

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Journal of Biological Methods


  • Outcomes of patients undergoing radiation therapy for bladder cancer December 31, 2018
    Objectives: To review our two institutional experiences regarding the historical referral patterns of bladder cancer patients to receive radiation therapy, characteristics of these referred patients, and their treatment outcomes.Methods: A retrospective review was performed analyzing patients who underwent radiation therapy for bladder cancer from 2005 to 2015 (n = 69) at two regional referral institutions. […]
  • Comparison of bladder voiding efficiency in women when calculated from a free flow versus an intubated flow December 27, 2018
    Objectives: To assess the reproducibility of bladder voiding efficiency (BVE, Void%) between free flow (FF) and intubated flow (IF) and to correlate BVE measurements with urinary incontinence (UI) complaints and urodynamic (UDS) findings in women.Methods: UDS recordings of women referred for LUTD evaluation to our UDS center were reviewed. Each file included FF at arrival, […]